Don't forget bikes in county plans for Ellicott City streets [Letter]

I read with interest Amanda Yeager's Oct. 17 article about pedestrians being a priority in historic Ellicott City plans. It was a very comprehensive article about the county planning to spend $3 million in improvements for better/safer pedestrian travel.

I applaud these improvements because our children and grandkids spend a lot of time in our historic city shopping and having dinner. It is hard for folks to walk and get across Main Street. We applaud the new benches and raised (hopefully ped-activated lighted) crosswalks. We are all active cyclists and in this full-page article the word bike or cyclists does not appear.

Every complete street plan should consider/plan ped-auto-bus-bike travel.Main Street/Frederick Road Route 144 is a designated bike route from Baltimore to Frederick, which many hundreds of cyclists travel every day across the Patapsco River between the two counties. There should be bike accommodations in the $3 million plan. There should be bike racks beside the new benches and even bike racks in the street along with auto parking. You can park 12 to 15 bikes in one auto parking space. Remember when someone rides their bike they are not taking an auto space and do spend money when riding their bikes. Many of our bike friends did attend the community hearings, but their message about better/safer/biking did not seem to make the new plans lists. Hopefully we can all work together to make Historic Ellicott City better/safer for all modes of travel.

Bill Kelly

Ellicott City

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