Dump 'New Coke' education reform and bring back 'classic' [Letter]

Common Core is the "New Coke" of education reform. The propaganda tells us that it is "more rigorous" and "deeper," but parents are getting a taste of it now and it is not as good as what we had in Howard County.

There is no independent research or empirical evidence to back up the claims that Common Core is a better way to teach.

Common Core has been found by many child clinical psychologists to be developmental inappropriate for children in the elementary grades. It asks children to think in ways that their developing brains are not yet capable of doing.

The increase in the amount of testing that accompanies Common Core will be two to three times what kids have had to do in the past. Is the added stress to children and lost class time worth it?

Howard County had a curriculum in place that was a model for the country and the world developed by teachers over decades using controlled research and feedback of best practices.

It has all been thrown away overnight so that we can be on a "level playing field" with the likes of Arkansas. I liked the "Classic HoCo Education" better!

Chris Jones


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