Get involved and help feed the hungry in Howard County [Letter]

Most of the readers of this newspaper are able to obtain three meals a day and never give it a second thought. Well, did you know that there are folks out here right in Howard County who are not so fortunate? In fact, the situation for these people has deteriorated even more over the last couple of years.

At the same time, the local food donations have dropped off somewhat and the federal food sources have dried up.

The Howard County Food Bank's shelves look sparse like Olde Mother Hubbard's pantry. The Community Action Council's (CAC) Community Garden volunteers try to inject life into this void, but more hands and water are needed on a continuing basis to augment the nonperishable donated stock.

This is where you come in. Contact and become involved with the Howard County Food Bank (410-313-6185) and the CAC Community Action Garden (410-313-0703). You can serve as a volunteer to either of these organizations or donate food, either as nonperishables or produce from your own garden.

Food drives at holiday time are great, but that doesn't cut it. Remember, this is a 365-day project, year after year.

Joel Broida


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