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Gisriel's track record shows unworthy of District 12 seat [Letter]

I find Michael Gisriel's announced bid for one of the District 12 delegate's seats offensive. Given the fine representatives who have served our District over the years, it is insulting to our previous delegates and voters that a disbarred attorney, one with a failed term as an unsuccessful Maryland delegate in the late 1980s and an avowed special interest lobbyist to boot, would have the gall to say he's going to represent the people of District 12. Even if voters ignore his somewhat sketchy residential arrangements to qualify as a delegate, his prior track record of public service suggests exactly the opposite of dedicated public service.

Just as Anthony Weiner of New York City believed his misdeeds should be forgiven and he was entitled to public office, Mr. Gisriel seems to believe District 12 voters will place him in a position of public trust. I don't think Maryland voters are that naive and uninformed. Even a quick review of Gisriel's voting record while a delegate in the late 1980s shows repeated support for bills that run counter to Maryland's progressive stance. These are all reasons why I won't vote for him.

Jan Bowman


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