Teachers' evaluation metrics are why they 'teach to the test' [Letter]

I have to agree with Howard County Board of Education member Ann De Lacys' comment that even with the Common Core, we are still teaching to the test. A sentiment shared by board member Brian Mishkin, who was quoted in the same article on Oct. 10 as saying "it's patently unfair to students to teach them for one test but test another."

I disagree with the reporters' statement that teachers are now more responsible for students' learning than ever before.

For her information, student learning has always been the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

The only difference is in the teachers' evaluation where up to 20 percent of that evaluation is based on how well a student does on the standardized test [PARCC], ergo: teach to the test. Is this critical thinking and problem solving?

From my own experience the development and use of critical thinking skills, which leads to problem solving, has always been the goal of the teachers with whom I've worked.

Marcelino Bedolla


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