Merriweather could take a lesson from Wolf Trap [Letter]

The Mad Decent Block Party concert at the Merriweather Post this past weekend made news, but not for good reasons. It is sad to hear about two young people dying of drug overdoses, 20 other people taken to the hospital suspected of drug over-dosing, 50 citations for underage drinking, and two arrests for assault right here in downtown Columbia. Does having this type of event here reflect poorly on Howard County? How many police were needed?

Contrast this with the Saturday night sold-out concert at Wolf Trap's Filene Center in Virginia, which hosted the National Symphony Orchestra and world-renowned cellist Yo Yo Ma. The Washington Post described "road-choking traffic and a vast crowd" attending this event, but there were no reports of drug over-dosing, underage drinking or young people dying.

 Obviously Wolf Trap attracts a different type of music lover than does Merriweather, but back in the late 1970's, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra did perform here. It would be nice if Merriweather would occasionally host the BSO and other musicians of Yo Yo Ma's caliber. It does not appear that their revenues would suffer and we would not have such unhappy  news.

Claire Albert


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