Wilde Lake defeats Reservoir, 18-17, in girls lacrosse overtime thriller

Wilde Lake girls lacrosse coach Davia Procida would love to see the replay and so would a whole bunch of others. “I wish I had it on videotape. It was unreal,” said Procida of the pass and shot that sent Wilde Lake’s game against Reservoir into overtime, where the Wildecats won, 18-17.

To set the stage, it was the third meeting of the year between the two teams. Wilde Lake won the first two, but Thursday’s game was in the regional playoffs and neither team was ready for its season to end.

The game went back and forth. Wilde Lake up by three, then Reservoir caught up and went ahead.

Reservoir led, 16-15, in the closing moments of the second half. Victory was tantalizingly close for the Gators.

Wilde Lake had one last chance, though.

Even without videotape for reference, Procida has the scene memorized.

“We get the ball and drive down field,” she said. “Rachel (Lazris) had the transition and Nicole (Sciabarra) took a shot that ricocheted. Kate (Glaros) picked the ball up and got fouled.

“From where Kate was positioned, there was only a slim opening to the goal, but Grayson (Corbett) was standing inside the 8-meter area with four people on her. There were 3 seconds on the clock.

“Kate lobs the ball into the 8 and Grayson quick-sticked it. It was unbelievable. There was one tenth of a second left on the clock.”

Corbett’s shot sent the game into overtime.

The junior midfielder scored twice in the first half of overtime and Reservoir scored once to make it, 18-17.

Lazris got the ball off the first draw in the second half of overtime and took off running.

Procida said she was trying to decide what play to call when she realized that Lazris had already run 90 seconds off the clock.

“Rachel can run forever,” she said.

 Reservoir finally got the ball back with 20 seconds left in the game.

“My defense doubled and slowed the ball down,” Procida said. “Reservoir took a shot and it was high and that was that.”

The victory was Wilde Lake’s seventh of the season. Only one other time in the school’s lacrosse history (1994) has a Wilde Lake team won as many as seven games.

“It’s difficult to beat a team twice, but never in my coaching career have I had to beat a team three times,” Procida said.

In addition to her offense, in spite of giving up 17 goals, she praised her team’s defense.

“They came up with some great plays. They got a lot of great breakaways.”

Procida also had good things to say about Reservoir’s Leah Monroe, who led the Gators with six goals.

Corbett finished the game with 11 goals.

Wilde Lake gets little time to enjoy its victory as the team faces Marriotts Ridge, the top seed in the region, Friday at 5 p.m. at Marriotts Ridge.

Wilde Lake 18, Reservoir 17 (OT)

Goals: WL – Grayson Corbett 11, Kate Glaros 3, Rachel Lazris 2, Nicole Sciabarra, Amy Radcliffe. Re – Leah Monroe 6, Alexis Bartley 3, Anna Janush 3, Blair Bonner 2, Maddie McGrath 2, Megan Lieb.

Assists: WL – Kate Glaros 2. Re – Alexis Bartley.

Saves: WL – Lauren Hutchison 6. Re – Brianna Weinman 3.

Regulation: tied 16-16.

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