Rec sports: Columbia Ravens girls basketball competes at Nationals

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The Columbia Ravens 5th grade girls basketball team finished 12th at the AAU National Tournament in Tennessee.

The Raven Girls drew a tough pool and were one of the few teams playing in the medal round on the final day of the tournament. The highlight of the trip was defeating the SGV Blues from San Gabriel Valley, Southern California during the preliminary rounds. The Ravens were the only team to defeat the Blues up until the National Championship game, where they finished second.

The team is currently 59-19 on the season.


Oakland Mills hosted the third cross country race in the Summer Series put on by the Howard County Striders and Bullseye Running on July 19. Danny Rau was the winner and Gary Smolyak was second on a humid night. Rau and Smolyak are both former Howard County cross country champions.

Brit Lang made her Series debut, running on her home course, and led the way for the girls. The race on July 26 will be on Reservoir High School's course and the final race is Aug. 8 at River Hill. Races start at 6:30 p.m. and cost $5. All ages are welcome.

Top finishers:

1. Daniel Rau, 17:36; 2. Gary Smolyak, 18:10; 3. Joshua Wilkins, 18:24.25; 4. Rhema Wdjami, 18:24.84; 5. Doug Mock, 18:27.94; 6. Corey Hamilton, 18:48; 7. Mark Loeffler, 19:08; 8. Philip Rogers, 19:12; 9. Silas Buck, 19:14; 10. James Blackwood, 19:18.

11. Jushn Lui, 19:27; 12. Bandit Bandit, 19:36; 13. Paul Kirk-Davidoff, 19:42; 14. Adam McCaffery, 19:46; 15. Daniel Ballah, 19:58; 16. Lochlann Boyle, 20:28; 17. Trent Rose, 20:50; 18. Brady Dumonchelle, 20:52; 19. Aedan Hale, 21:02; 20. Mike Dulaney, 21:13.

21. Brian Mitchell, 21:21; 22. Stephen Allen, 21:33; 23. Britt Lang, 21:38; 24. LeMario Fauron, 21:51; 25. Karyn Dulaney, 21:57; 26. Shane McGovern, 22:03; 27. Chad Burger, 22:22; 28. Isaac Kirk-Davidoff, 22:35; 29. Eric Dong, 22:37; 30. Anders Chattin, 22:43.

There were 54 runners out for the Howard County Striders meet of the miles at River Hill High School. Despite the extreme heat and humidity many turned in impressive times. Lincoln Tripp and Carolyn Shadrick were the 100-meter dash winners. Michelle Weaver and Douglas Hines won the 400-meter run. Artem Talanov and Kendra Smith led the milers.

Top finishers:

Kids 5-U 100 meters: 1. Lincoln Tripp, 22.24; 2. Matthew Weaver, 28.31; 3. Carolyn Shadrick, 32.35; 4. Ellie Tripp, 34.90; 5. Sophia Dusenbery, 35.49; 6. Grace Mang, 36.45; 7. Maya Vecera, 38.96; 8. Keira Griffiths, 42.44; 9. Jeffrey Weaver, 43.60; 10. Eliana Hogan, 44.20.

Kids 6-10 400 meters: 1. Michelle Weaver, 1:32.35; 2. Douglas Hines, 1:35.23; 3. Ashley Jayne, 1:42.77; 4. Henry Kvech, 1:44.66; 5. Thomas Jayne, 1:48.03; 6. Heidi Kvech, 1:49.46; 7. Rebecca Weaver, 1:52.31; 8. Lincoln Tripp, 1:59.35; 9. Josh Rogan, 2:06.14; 10. Katie Rogan, 2:08.91.

Women's mile: 1. Kendra Smith, 5:42.65; 2. Faye Weaver, 6:46.68; 3. Lori Jayne, 7:15.30; 4. Cecilia Shadrick, 8:17.42; 5. Melinda Krummerich, 9:28.38; 6. Erin Blackwood, 9:48.29; 7. Arleen Dineen, 10:36.08.

Men's mile: 1. Artem Talanov, 5:00.13; 2. Brady Dumonchelle, 5:06.69; 3. Brian Shadrick, 5:07.41; 4. James Blackwood, 5:09.46; 5. Greg Hogan, 5:16.74; 6. Mark Loeffler, 5:26.88; 7. David Jun, 5:29.59; 8. Stephen Mang, 5:40.62; 9. Chad Burger, 5:41.84; 10. Steve Bohse, 5:42.30.


The Free State Seniors 2013 July Championship Tournament was held on July 15 at Sparrows Point Country Club. Joe LeFavor (U.S. Naval Academy GC) was the Low Gross champion with a score of 72. Neil McShane (Cattail Creek CC) was the Low Net champion with a score of 65.

Dirt Bike Racing

Jessica Betz, a 10-year-old from Columbia, will race her dirt bike in the 32nd Annual Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship from July 29 through Aug. 3 at Loretta Lynn's ranch in Tennessee.

She qualified for one of 1,386 slots at the national championship, which is the largest amateur motocross race in the world. In the last four months, she attempted to qualify for the event and competed against 20,000 motocrossers in the Mid-Atlantic region. The top finishers in the qualifiers advance into the championship competition.

"My most exciting competition was the regional competition for Loretta Lynn's because I knew there was a lot at stake. There were very fast riders to compete against," she said.

Jessica has won numerous races in the last five years and competes nearly every weekend either locally or regionally. She attends Phelps Luck Elementary School and has been riding since she was five.


The M&D 16 Red dominated their bracket at the club National Championships, entering the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in their division. They beat Resolute, 15-2, in the first round of the playoffs, before defeating Tri-state, 9-1. In the semifinals, they beat Supernova by a score of 10-2. In the championship they beat a tough Capitol team, 5-4. It was the first championship of the summer for the team.

The M&D 2017 Black team breezed through the pool play portion of the club National Championships. In the first round they beat the Connecticut Dodgers, 16-4, then followed that up by beating TLC White 17 in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, they avenged their only loss of the summer by beating TLC Red 17 by a score of 9-4. The team then squeaked out a 4-3 win over the Virginia Stars in the championship.

The M&D 2018 Black team had a relatively easy time in pool play by beating Relentless Hustle of New York, 16-0, Rebels of Olney, 19-7, and Checkhers from Eldersburg, 10-6. In the playoffs, they edged a tough NEMS team from Bel Air, 8-7, after being down by two goals with less than five minutes to play. Then the team beat TLC Red 18 by a score of 5-4 in the championship.

The 2019 Black was the fourth M&D team to win a title. After some relatively easy games against Common Goal from New York, 13-5, and Bay Area Lax from Severna Park, 19-2, they met a feisty Integrity team from Pasadena who gave them a great game (6-4 win). The 2019 Black went into the playoffs seeded No. 1. They beat Garden State elite from New Jersey, 19-1, and Team Elevate from New York, 9-1.

In the semi-finals, they played a hard fought game against neighborhood Rival Hero's 19 Green and prevailed 4-2. Then in the championship, the team beat TLC Red 2019 by a score of 6-3. The 2019 Black went undefeated this summer and won every competitive tournament that they entered.

The four championship wins at the club National Championships were the most ever by a club team at that tournament.


The Howard County Awesome Aces junior tennis teams competed in the Maryland State Championships held at the Tennis Center at College Park on July 19-21.

The 18-U Intermediate team/Terminetters and 10-U Beginner/Raiders team have earned second place in the state. The Quick Start Tennis 8-U/ Purple and Green teams had great fun playing many matches against other teams in Maryland. The purple team scored maximum points.

The Terminetters advance to play in the Sectional Championships, which will be held Aug. 16-18.

Members of the 18-U team are Collin McEwen, Serene Mathew, Margaret Tatum, Kieran Buss, Marjorie Buss, John Fiorello, Erin Nguyen, Daniel Smolyok and Rachel Paek.

Members of the 10-U/Raiders are Bonnie Vess, Corinne Chau, April Smith, Mira Tadimalla, Hashini Amersinghi, Charita Sandoze and Harsh Shah.

Members of the 8-U/Purple team are Sion Mathew, Cyril Mathew, Michel Asher, Talia Brown, Carter Custodio and ViRaj Janeeja.

Members of the Green team are Vinitha Badugu, Nithya Chilukuri, Amrutha Alibilli, Raza Ahmed, Grayson Schick, Joshua Gao and Olivia Ju.

The Wilde Lake Tennis Club hosted the Columbia Junior Open Tennis Tournament July 15-18. Atholton rising sophomore Irene Lu, the high school state champion, defeated teammate Victoria Kogan, a rising junior, in a rematch of the state championship match.

Boys' 18 Singles: Kevin Wan d. Cole Sutton, 6-3, 6-2.

Boys' 16 Singles: Nikhil Ramachandran d. Ramanaidu Kotnana, 6-2, 6-0.

Boys' 14 Singles: William Karpinski d. Scott Phillips, 7-5, 6-0.

Boys' 12 Singles: Kenneth Boyette d. Rishit Roy, 6-0, 6-1.

Girls' 18 Singles: Irene Lu d. Victoria Kogan, 6-1, 6-4.

Girls' 16 Singles: Abigail Thornton d. Julia Potter, 6-1, 6-1.

Girls' 14 Singles: Jessica Fatemi d. Caroline Stallings, 6-0, 6-4.

Girls' 12 Singles: Alexa Orlando d. Abigail Moghtader, 6-4, 6-0.


The Elkridge Hurricanes 10-U Tournament Team captured the HCYP Invitational Tournament 10 Championship last weekend at Kiwanis Park. The Elkridge team went 5-0 on the weekend en route to winning their third tournament of the season. Team members include Will Walsh, Ally Widmaier, Cameron Canter, Cole Fleischer, Kevin Holderman, Justin Banks, Tony Smith, Matt O'Connor, Brendan O'Reilly, Andrew Kell and Andy Lotz.

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