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Maria Ramsey shines at gymnastics Eastern Championships

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Maria Ramsey of Columbia competed at the USA Gymnastics 2014 Women's Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern Championships at the Bradenton Area Convention Center (Fla.) May 3. Ramsey was a member of the Region 7 (Junior 7) team, which placed first in the competition with a team score of 149.1. Ramsey placed third on vault (9.475), eighth on beam (9.2), sixth on floor (9.35), and eighth all-around (36.75). The Level 9 Eastern and Western Championships are the competitive season's culmination of events and feature the best gymnasts in the country for Level 9.


The Columbia Volleyball Club (CVC) 14U Condors won the Maryland Juniors 14's Volleyball Tournament May 11. The Condors went undefeated on the day. Members of the team are: Mikayla Hansen (Marriotts Ridge), Kennedi Holloway (Calverton), Lydia Jones (William H. Farquhar Middle), Megan Kane (William H. Farquhar Middle), Valerie Odonkor (Bethel Christian), Emily Przybyla (Ellicott Mills Middle), Alexandra Stanislavsky (Burleigh Manor Middle), Alexa Welch (Ellicott Mills Middle), Madeline Winters (Hammond Middle) and Lisa Zoch (Clarksville Middle).

Jump rope

Nineteen members of the Kangaroo Kids Competition Team participated in the AAU Maryland Qualifier Tournament May 10 at the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex. There were 85 jumpers from 6 different teams from MD, NJ and VA. The top 10 jumpers in each age division in singles, pairs and double-dutch qualified to compete at the AAU Junior Olympics this summer in Des Moines, Iowa.

In the overall individual events, the Kangaroo Kids had two overall gold medalists: Christina Kratzmeier and Cameron Simmons; nine overall silver medalists: Connor Byrne, Maria Ciarrocchi, Francesca DiValentin, Lily Drechsler, Elizabeth Hughes, Alex Manning, Jenna Meek, Greta Shambeau and Aaron Weingrad; and two overall bronze medalists: Drew Meininger and Alison Young.

In the overall pairs events, the Kangaroo Kids had two overall gold medalist pairs: Maria Ciarrocchi/Jenna Meek and Cameron Simmons/Aaron Weingrad; two overall silver medalist pairs: Devin Meek/Drew Meininger and Abigail Sanders/Greta Shambeau; and two overall bronze medalist pairs: Lily Drechsler/Emily Gates and Alison Young/Meg Weidman.

In the overall double dutch events, the Kangaroo Kids had three overall gold medalist teams: the team of Lily Drechsler, Emily Gates, Abigail Sanders and Greta Shambeau, the team of Anna Childress, Maria Ciarrocchi, Elizabeth Hughes and Jenna Meek and the team of Christina Kratzmeier, Cameron Simmons, Meg Weidman and Aaron Weingrad; and one overall bronze medalist team: the team consisting of Alex Manning, Devin Meek, Drew Meininger and Alison Young. In addition to the overall medalists, also qualifying for their individual events were Anna Childress, Jaeda Cohen, Emily Gates, Devin Meek, Abigail Sanders and Meg Weidman; and pairs Anna Childress/Elizabeth Hughes and Connor Byrne/Alex Manning.


Fifty-one runners — including a few mothers on Mother's Day — came out to run the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Burleigh Manor Middle School. Mark Eagles and Carina Chattin led the way in the 2-mile race, while Karsten Brown and Karen Young were the 5-mile winners.


1. Mark Eagles, 11:17; 2. Anders Chattin, 12:58.4; 3. Chris Chattin, 12:58.7; 4. John Way, 13:25; 5. Eric Johnston, 14:19; 6. Affan Osman, 14:34; 7. Mike Fleming, 15:43; 8. Ben Stein, 15:46; 9. Carina Chattin, 17:20; 10. Steve Alpern, 17:23;

11. Dee Nelson, 17:39; 12. Dora Emaze, 18:01; 13. Michelle Weaver, 18:22; 14. Kenny Walker, 21:04; 15. Daniel Walker, 21:05; 16. Finley Stein, 21:07; 17. Diana Solana, 22:11; 18. Nicole Wakefield, 23:11; 19. Ajoke Akintade, 25:27; 20. Lola Jenibewon, 25:29.

21. Eni Akintade, 25:30; 22. Tim Ramsey, 26:27; 23. Stanley Way, 30:23; 24. Missy Burger, 31:43.


1. Karsten Brown, 29:20; 2. Adam Wytko, 31:26; 3. James Gilmore, 32:46; 4. Jeff Garstecki, 33:32; 5. Marc Hermstein, 34:11; 6. Steve Bohse, 35;39; 7. Franz Vergara, 36:38; 8. Chad Burger, 36:45; 9. Steve Knoll, 38:19; 10. Stephan Mulrain, 38:29;

11. Bill Stahr, 38:43; 12. Robert Blanco, 38:48; 13. Chris Farmer, 40:07; 14. Karen Young, 40:43; 15. Faye Weaver, 42:10; 16. Kirk Gordon, 42:33; 17. Emily Howe, 45:49; 18. James Scarborough, 47:17; 19. Bruce Levine, 47:49; 20. Marc Guerrasio, 48:29.

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