Howard County boys basketball scoring leaders

As the regular season winds down, the Howard County boys basketball scoring leaders are (from L to R): Glenelg Country's Chancellor Barnard, Marriotts Ridge's Robert Davis, Oakland Mills' Mamadou Ndiaye, River Hill's Charlie Thomas and Wilde Lake's Devon Groves. (Photos courtesy of the BSMG / February 13, 2014)

With snow blanketing the area and a little more than a week left in the regular season, it’s the perfect time to catch up on the boys basketball scene in the area.

This year’s Howard County championship is still up in the air, with three teams — Oakland Mills, Atholton and Reservoir — still alive in the race for the title. Oakland Mills (15-1, 17-2) is in first place by one game over Atholton (14-2, 15-3) and is ahead by two games in the loss column over Reservoir (15-3, 15-5).

Oakland Mills has games against Marriotts Ridge, Reservoir and Centennial still left on the schedule. Atholton has matchups against Mt. Hebron, Howard and Glenelg, while Reservoir only has that match-up with Oakland Mills left.

Here are the latest standings:

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Oakland Mills, 15-1 county, 17-2 overall; Atholton, 14-2, 15-3; Reservoir, 15-3, 15-5; River Hill, 12-6, 13-8; Centennial, 11-6, 14-6; Mt. Hebron, 9-9, 11-10; Glenelg, 8-9, 10-10; Howard, 5-12, 6-14; Long Reach, 5-13, 8-13; Marriotts Ridge, 4-13, 6-14; Hammond, 3-15, 5-16; Wilde Lake, 3-15, 4-16; Glenelg Country, 7-11 MIAA A, 14-12; Chapelgate, 7-6 MIAA B, 13-12.

The race for the individual scoring title is also still very much in the air. Three public school guys — Robert Davis (MR), Mamadou Ndiaye (OM), Charlie Thomas (RH) — are all averaging more than 20 points a game. Glenelg Country’s Chancellor Barnard is also averaging an impressive 21.7 points a night.

Here’s a breakdown of the county’s scoring-average leaders:

Robert Davis, MR — 21.7

Chancellor Barnard, GC – 21.7

Mamadou Ndiaye, OM – 20.9

Charlie Thomas, RH – 20.8

Devon Groves, WL – 18.5

Andre McFadden. Ha – 16.7

Terrell Willis, CCA – 16.4

Isaiah White, C – 16.1

Matthew Frierson, CCA – 15.4

Shane Barr, LR – 15.3

Michael Bernetti, A – 15.2

Khari Jackson, WL – 14.6

Kyle Reilly, Re – 14.4