Heat Index

All outdoor athletic activities have been canceled for today due to a Code Red heat index. In this file photo, Hammond football player Dwayne Gwynn drinks water during practice. (Photo by Steve Ruark / September 11, 2013)

With temperatures rising above 90 degrees this afternoon and the county experiencing a Code Red heat index, the Howard County Public School System has announced that all outside athletic events have been canceled for today.

In terms of high school athletics, it will be up to each individual school athletic department to reschedule games in accordance with HCPSS and Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association regulations. Out-of-county games may or may not be made up.

“There’s protocol involved in terms of when and where games can be played, but the general idea is the next available date in accordance with MPSSAA guidelines,” said Howard High School Athletics and Activities Manager Michael Duffy, who will be looking to reschedule boys soccer games, a cross country meet and a golf match that were slated for today.

Teams are allowed to hold modified activities, including meeting indoors or a short abbreviated practice in accordance with the HCPSS handbook. Volleyball, which is an indoor sport, will not be affected.

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Duffy says that it’s not often something like this happens in mid-September.

“It has happened before, but it is a rare occurance,” he said. “Our mantra, though, is always safety first.”