Strong defense came from the back line of Duncan Tilles, Key Whiting, Nicholas Santagelo and Thomas Olson. Goalie Mark Augustino, aided by back-up Matt Rumrill, played a huge role in anchoring the defense.

Sophomore Jace Hull, who played significant minutes and helped build the attack, led the midfield. Rohil Raina, John Giannino (4 goals), Mike Dudley, Daniel Klawson (4 goals) and Brian Huntley helped out offensively. Zain Baig, Ji Soo Kim (4 goals), Miguel Rodriguez, Colin Kratochwill and John Kim all played key supporting roles coming off the bench to help the attack.

Kevin Padgett, Jakobi Mansaray, Marley Scott, Charlie Menton and Russell Brooking all helped in the middle of the field. Aditya Gupta and Gihoon Hyung were both put in multiple positions and were also vital to the team's success.

Mt. Hebron's squad finished among the county's top third, compiling a league record of 6-2-3. "We competed well in every game, even in both losses, which were only by one goal in each contest," coach Jared Ettinger said. "The team was explosive offensively, while also strong defensively."

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Sophomore captain Cameron Heath was a star in the central midfield. He won most of the 50-50 balls and tied for the team lead in scoring. Sophomore Ronald Semmont was a strong, fast defender who set the tone in the back. The team's anchor, though, was freshman goalie Torey Jones. Jones recorded eight shutouts on the JV squad and then was called up to become the varsity starter in the playoffs — providing three straight shutouts before the team lost to River Hill in penalty kicks.

The most exciting game according to Ettinger was a comeback win over Centennial, where his team scored four times in a span of 19 minutes to close the contest after trailing 2-0.

"I've never heard a soccer stadium louder for a JV game than I did those final 19 minutes," said Ettinger, whose team won 4-2. "The players learned many valuable lessons in the game about team over self, never giving up, always having a positive attitude and that hard work pays off."

Oakland Mills continued its resurgence toward the top of the county, putting together the program's fourth consecutive winning season. The team earned marquee wins over traditional powerhouse programs River Hill and Centennial.

Sophomore captain Khaaliq Canada led the way early on with his versatile play that established him as the backbone of the team. He produced a memorable score against River Hill, converting an opposite-foot game-tying goal that helped the team eventually pull out a victory.

A lot of last year's defensive talent moved up to varsity, but behind returner Ken Johnson the unit reloaded extremely well. The new defensive support came from the finesse play from Joel Estrada and Nacho Tome (foreign exchange student from Barcelona), along with the hard-nosed play of Joseph Asiedu and Jack Schurman.

Forwards Jordan Armstead (10 goals) and Randy Henriquez (6 goals) were a threat to score at any time, which helped the Scorpions rally to come-from-behind wins several times.

Macklin Anderson's season highlight was a diving header for a goal that helped solidify a 2-1 homecoming win over Catonsville.

Freshman Johnny Rynn, who earned a varsity spot for the playoffs, had a big goal against Marriotts Ridge.

The team's success this season came despite having several key sophomores called up to varsity. But coach Trevor Shea said everything worked out for the best. "These moves provided valuable experience for players on both levels and showcased a system in which JV players were able to contribute at the varsity level regardless of the opponent," Shea said.

With a squad of 12 sophomores and eight freshmen, Reservoir put together a strong county record of 5-2-4.

The team's backbone was its defense from the very beginning, allowing only nine goals over the course of the season. Sophomore defenders Rafael Akuffo and Dylan Fox, along with the rest of the defensive line, helped shield the goal in front of lead goalie Andre Dachao. The defense pitched six shutouts.

Freshman Brayden Heim was key in controlling the midfield. The team's offense, after scoring just three goals in the first five games, came on strong after a change in formation and scored 23 goals over its last six contests. Led by sophomore Cristian Alfaro, the team's offense was well balanced with 11 different scorers.

"The team's success was due to the teamwork and depth of skill among the entire squad," coach David Freeman said.

River Hill put together a 6-2-3 season and coach Derrick Jameson said that the team really improved as the campaign went on. "The team had struggled all year through some disappointing losses and ties to put points on the board and to earn a win, but finally all that hard work came together."

The Hawks went undefeated in their last five games. Tim Pang, a solid sophomore defender, was a team captain. Eric Weltz, a hard-working center midfielder, and Max Mzhen, a talented freshman defender, each joined Pang in being moved up to varsity by the end of the season.