"Her ability to create open space and cross the ball from the outside created many scoring opportunities for the team," said White.

Center midfielder Kappey was a "strong force," according to White, who added that she "controlled the pace of the game by winning balls with composure."

Brown also played center midfield. Her speed and defensive play allowed her to be a presence on both sides of the field, according to her coach.

Filler, a stopper, carried a strong ability to control the defense.

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White said that it was important to her girls that they finished with an undefeated record.

"The team continued to fight for goals, no matter what the score was," she said.

Howard also shared a lot of the scoring opportunities throughout the entire team. Out of the 22 players on the roster, 17 finished the season with at least one goal.

For Marriotts Ridge (5-5-1, 5-5-2), the 2013 season was highlighted by a 1-0 victory over second-place finisher Reservoir.

Makenzie Hokensmith was the team's steadiest player, according to coach Anthony Incontrera. The center midfielder provided an offensive boost when needed, while controlling the defense at the same time. Her three assists tied her for most on the team.

Cassie Evans led the Mustangs in points with five. Also a center midfielder, Evans was always a threat to score at any given moment.

Carly Miller and Jayme Choe showed steadfast defensive strength, which led to five shutouts for Marriotts Ridge.

Over the course of the season, the Mustangs improved immensely as a team.

"During the preseason scrimmages, (we allowed) 10 goals," said Incontrera. "But, during the course of the season, only 13 goals were allowed by the team."

Mt. Hebron finished 5-5-1 under coach Bob Gibbons this season.

Only five sophomores with significant playing experience returned for the Vikings, and with 12 freshmen needed to step in and fill the gaps, Gibbons said the team "had a lot of learning to do."

After a slow start to the season, losing a few key players along the way, the Vikings began to play more consistently on both sides of the ball. Gibbons said the most complete game his squad played was a 1-1 draw with River Hill.

"Although we were unable to score during the first half, we moved the ball well, defended well and applied a lot of offensive pressure," he said.

Throughout the season, the Viking defense was anchored by the team's three keepers: freshmen Lauren Ritter and Megan Pallozzi, and sophomore Audrey Eldridge. Other key pieces to the Vikings puzzle included sophomores Alyssa Matanin, Kaylee Toth and Karyssa Miller, as well as freshmen Jen Schaff, Audrey Hollis and Jess John.

Megan Benoit (7 goals) and Elise Mahoney (7) led the team in scores, while Morgan Manning (6 assists) and Laura Murphy (5) topped the Vikings in assists.

Gibbons said he especially appreciated the commitment and support from the players who were unable to compete due to injury. The coach also commended his squad's overall focus, hard work and enthusiasm during games and practice.