30-second timeout with Cuinn Mullins, Wilde Lake baseball center fielder

As only a freshman last year, Wilde Lake center fielder Cuinn Mullins batted .400 with six doubles and eight runs.

This spring, the sophomore turned in another solid campaign, batting .345 with five doubles, six RBIs, eight runs and eight stolen bases.

Wilde Lake was eliminated from the playoffs on May 10 in a 2-0 loss at Hammond, but Mullins took a breather with us earlier this spring to talk about life on and off the diamond.

TV show I can't miss:

Walking Dead

Favorite movie:

Titanic. (My teammate) told me to say that. Oh that's a hard one, I don't know if I have a favorite.

Top pro athlete role model:

I always looked up to Barry Sanders, because he's humble and he acted like he was always there and he never celebrated.

Top personal sports moment:

Maybe a walk-off home run, but that was from travel baseball awhile ago, HCYP Raiders.

When I grow up I want to:

I want to be some sort of…I haven't put much thought into that, but biomedical scientist.

Favorite place to eat:


Sport I'm bad at:


Hobby I have or had in the past that might surprise people:

I used to collect rocks

Favorite pregame song:

Hells Bells, AC/DC

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