Columbia Association approves additional $1.2 million for Haven project

Construction plans for the Columbia Association's lakefront wellness retreat were put back on track Thursday night after the Board of Directors voted to allocate an additional $1.2 million in capital funds to the project.

The funding transfer was approved to make up a $1.6 million shortfall in the construction budget for the retreat, called Haven on the Lake, that was revealed in May after the project manager, Whiting Turner, returned detailed construction bids to CA. 

Had the board not funded the transfer, the retreat, which has been advertised as a facility offering unique wellness services, would have had to undergo a series of cuts that Columbia Associaition officials say would have hamstrung the project.

The facility, which will be located below a Whole Foods Market in the former Rouse Co. building, was originally expected to open in September, and is now expected to open in November, according to CA Vice President Rob Goldman. 

The Columbia Association Board of Directors approved the fund transfer by a vote of 9-1 with Alan Klein, representative from Harper's Choice, voting against.

Chief among the amenities planned for the 27,000 square-foot facility taken off the chopping block was a two-lane pool, which some board members had concerns about leaving out. 

Approximately $948,000 of the approved $1.2 million comes from smaller capital projects completed in 2014 under budget. The additional funds were allocated by delaying the replacement of a CA vehicle, creation of plans to renovate the Wilde Lake barn and the implementation of digital signage. 

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