CA wellness club to be called 'Haven on the Lake'

The Columbia Association has chosen a name for its new wellness retreat to be built on the downtown lakefront, Haven on the Lake.

The name is aligned with CA's concept behind the club, which will not be a traditional fitness club but a mind-body wellness retreat.

The name, along with additional details of the $2.7 million club, were disclosed at a work session on CA's proposed fiscal-year 2015 and 2016 budget hosted by the CA Board of Directors last week.

At the Jan. 9 meeting, the board discussed rates and packages for the club, which range from an additional $10 a month to $175 a month over rates for Package Plan Plus members.

The budget proposes new member PPP rates of $114 per month for resident families, $109 per month for resident two-person membership and $79.50 per month for a single-person membership. For non-residents those rates are $155 per month, $129.50 per month and $85 per month for families, two-members and single members, respectively. 

The early renewal rates for PPP memberships are discounted for both residents and non-residents. 

The 27,000-square-foot fitness club, which will be located above Whole Foods in the iconic Frank Gehry-designed former Rouse Company building, will house three exercise studios inspired by European and Asian mind-body routines, such as Pilates, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, barre; a wellness spa featuring integrated medicine from The Still Point spa, and a "healing waters" area that will feature a 50-foot recreation pool, an exercise pool, hot tub, a salt room, a tropical shower and a cold plunge.

According to the draft budget, CA will offer four membership packages for the new club. The first is called the Refresh Membership and will cost $120 annually ($10 per month) for existing PPP members, $600 annually ($50 per month) for new members who are residents and $840 annually ($70 per month) for non-resident new members.

According to CA Vice President Rob Goldman, the Refresh Membership will allow members access to the healing waters section and the outdoor patio and offer discounted rates on classes or holistic services.

Goldman said the modest fee increase was instituted at the request of the board and against the advice of CA's consultant, ClubIntel, who suggested the fee be $30 per month for PPP members.

"We are trying to make it accessible to as many people as possible," Goldman said.

Goldman said ClubIntel advised against the modest fee because "it would devalue the facility."

A second membership is called the Revive Membership and provides members access to the facility and unlimited classes. Rates for that membership are $1,068 annually ($89 per month) for existing members, $1,548 annually ($129 per month) for new members who are residents and $1,908 annually ($159 per month) for non-resident new members.

The third membership package is called the Restore Membership and includes one integrative health or holistic spa service a month, in addition to access to the facility. Rates for that membership start at $1,308 annually ($109 per month) for existing members. New members who are residents will be charged $1,428 annually ($119 per month) and non-resident new members will be charged $1,548 annually ($129 per month).

The fourth membership, called the Rejuvenate Membership, is all-inclusive and starts at $2,100 annually ($175 per month) for existing PPP members, $2,580 annually ($215 per month) for new member residents and $2,940 annually ($245 per month) for new member non-residents.

At the meeting, the board discussed increasing the rates for PPP members who are non-residents. Goldman said CA, as policy, does not charge increased rates for non-resident PPP members who already pay a markup for the membership package.

"Just for the sake of what it looks like I think we should make the increment at least a $5 [per month] difference," said Cynthia Coyle, board member from Harper's Choice.

This story has been edited to correct inaccuracies regarding the Package Plan Plus rates. The previous rates outlined in the fifth paragraph were for Package Plan members, not Package Plan Plus members. 

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