For Lobdell, the song represents all races, ethnicities, and social classes.

"It just stresses that we wanted unity for the entire class," he said. "It's just a moment where we all come together and celebrate as one."

The Long Reach graduates, who live in Columbia, did the work on the track outside of school.

Everyone involved in the project has written or performed music individually, but never together as group.

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Students who appear on the track, which is everyone but Ramsey, wrote their own verse.

"Everybody there just worked really hard," Colbert said. "You could really feel the inspiration coming from everybody."

Ince said his classmates' response to the song has been a confirmation that people are enjoying it and the group has talent.

"To be able to make something, to use our gifts to make a song for our classmates is just gratifying and also humbling to know that the talent and the song is legit," he said.

'College Bound'

In addition to the "We Here" track, Ince recently finished up his first mixtape "College Bound."

With graduation behind them, all five graduates are heading in their own direction.

Ince will be attending Covenant College in Georgia, but is undeclared on a major, although he would like to do something musically.

Peña will be attending Howard Community College this fall and Lobdell plans to attend the University of Maryland, where he will study government and politics. Colbert will be attending Drexel University to study music, although more on the business aspect of the profession, and Ramsey will be studying recording arts at the University of Colorado.

"As long as the inspiration comes, I'll probably never stop making good music," Ince said.