Bring some diversity to Merriweather music menu [Letter]

I am very concerned at the tragic events at last weekend's concert at Merriweather Post. I feel sad for those families that lost their sons due alleged drug overdose. I also am disappointed that other young adults were arrested for disorderly conduct.

The concerts that have been scheduled over the past several years have established an environment that encourages some of our young adults to experiment with drugs. They don't need to get "high" when listening to good music. Music should sooth the soul not destroy it. I hope that these tragic events would encourage parents to once again try to make it clear to those young concertgoers that the use of drugs can kill. Not to mention the negative impact on those arrested for the use, possession or distributing of drugs to others.. Arrests for disorderly conduct is unacceptable. Those convicted should be "banned" from all other concert events.

Finally, I would like to see consideration given in scheduling concerts that would also appeal to a diverse population I still would like hear some good Jazz, watch ballet, enjoy the classics and other concerts that would appeal again to a diverse set of concertgoers.

Tony Yount


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