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Columbia photographer catches 'an autumn morning' at Centennial Lake

Columbia resident John Petro, 66, says his passion for photography reignites every autumn when the changing colors of leaves bring an extra flair to Howard County’s natural environment.

On Nov. 2, the amateur photographer said he wanted to capture “an autumn morning” at Centennial Lake in Ellicott City, using his Nikon D810’s 95mm lens.

“I go out there every last week of October,” Petro said. “The colors there are ideal on a nice windless morning. It’s great for the reflection and the colors. I like capturing scenes of time, places, memories and things like that.”

Although autumn this year “wasn’t a very good one,” Petro said Centennial Lake continued to surprise him with breath-taking views.

“Centennial Lake always seems to have the colors and always comes through,” he said.

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