Feb. 7 letter to parents from Wilde Lake principal

February 7, 2013

Dear Parents,  

I wanted to follow up and thank you for all the support you have given the Wilde Lake students, staff, and community recently.  

Over the past couple of days, I have had the opportunity to meet with parents, members of the community, students, and others regarding this incident. There has been tremendous feedback and support regarding what Wilde Lake High School does for the students and our community. Thank you!   We will not let this tragic incident outshine all of the great things that go on at WLHS every day.

You have expressed your biggest concern is for the safety of your children while at school.   That is understandable at this time.  I want to assure you we are evaluating our procedures and continuing to improve on what we do to make the students and staff members safe at Wilde Lake High School.

Addressing the issue of school safety here and throughout the county will require planning and collaboration with all aspects of central office support, PTSA, and students.  This process has already begun and will continue.

We will maintain a safe and orderly environment for all students at Wilde Lake High School with our continued vigilance and alertness.  We will continue to do the following:
    •    Require students to have a signed agenda book when leaving the classroom
    •    Notify administration if a student is cutting class and write a referral
    •    Check doors to be sure they are closed tightly and locked
    •    Report all students in unauthorized areas to the administration immediately
    •    Monitor hallway and building duty stations
    •    Report any concerns to the appropriate administrator or school personnel
Administration and front office staff, including our security assistant, will continue to monitor the 31 cameras placed strategically throughout the building.  

I want to reiterate that the administrative team is here to support you and your students each and every day.   We will work through this and continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our students and community.  

Thanks again for all you do to support Wilde Lake High School! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any information, questions, or concerns you may still have.  I am always glad to speak with you.  


James LeMon
Wilde Lake High School

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