CA seeks public input on budget

The Columbia Association is seeking the public's input on the 2015-16 budget process at a forum on Thursday, Aug. 29.

The forum, which will be held at CA headquarters and is hosted by the CA Board of Directors' Planning and Strategy Committee, will allow community stakeholders to provide input on the draft budgets.

According to a news release, the CA Board’s guidelines for public hearings are in effect meaning presentations are limited to three minutes for individuals, five minutes for groups and 10 minutes for village associations.

The release also said speakers are encouraged to provide their remarks in writing as well by emailing testimony to CA’s Board of Directors at; by faxing it to CA’s Accounting Department at 410-715-3042 or by mail.

The forum will be held on Thursday, Aug. 29, at 7:30 p.m. at CA Headquarters, which is located at 10221 Wincopin Circle in Downtown Columbia.



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