Columbia Bank in Wilde Lake center to close in June

The Columbia Bank branch inside the Wilde Lake Village Center will close June 22, according to a bank spokesperson.

The spokesperson said it is uncertain if the bank, which will close before Kimco Realty begins a complete redevelopment of the center, will reopen as part of the redevelopment, as the two sides were "unable to reach an agreement."

If the branch does not reopen in the village center, the bank urges customers to visit the locations in Town Center and Harper's Choice, which is within a few miles of the current branch. 

Wilde Lake resident Andrew Solberg said he was notified of the closing yesterday in a letter.

“I have banked at Columbia Bank for many years ever since it opened its branch in my local village center,” Solberg wrote in a letter to the editor. “So, now, we residents of Wilde Lake have no grocery and no bank in our village center. In short, we do not enjoy the amenities that were envisioned for all residents of Columbia.”

Solberg is echoing the criticism from some residents that the new redevelopment will not include a traditional grocer like Giant or Safeway.

The new development, which is expected to be completed in 2015, will include a new space for David’s Natural Market and a CVS pharmacy. 

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