Columbia Association releases employee salaries

A full list of Columbia Association employee salary information for 2011 provided by CA to the nonprofit group an Alliance for a Better Columbia has been made public by the ABC.

The 33-page list includes a breakdown of gross salary by position and annual bonuses.

The 10 highest paid CA employees' salary and bonus information is listed below:

Job DescriptionGross PayAnnual IncentivePresident$250,227.65$12,353.00Vice President, Sports & Fitness$201,413.06$7,715.92General Counsel$194,265.61$7,648.07Environmental Manager$171,092.53$6,577.91Vice President, Administrative Services$160,088.03$6,750.00Acting Director Sports & Fitness$151,179.41$6,682.75Treasurer$146,750.52$5,956.06Director of Marketing$145,279.61$5,400.00Director of Comm Services$138,625.20$6,343.12

According to the data, 19 employees earn a gross salary greater than $100,000 in 2011 and 14 earned bonuses greater than $5,000.

Of the $53.7 million CA budgeted in expenditures for 2011, approximately $19.1 million went toward employee salaries.

CA has budgeted $20.3 million for employee salaries for 2012. 

CA spokesman David Greisman said the organization employs approximately 1,444 people, including part-time and seasonal employees.

ABC represenatative Tom Scott said the organization received the information in August and decided to release it to the public earlier this week.

While Scott said the ABC has been requesting salary information for years, Greisman said the organization responded to a similar request from the ABC several years ago with an 86-page document listing CA employee's salary by position name.

Greisman said the only difference between the 86-page document and the 33-page document was the exclusion of exact salary figures for 40-50 employees.

Greisman said a salary range was provided in place of an exact figure.

"It has long been CA's position that while we are obligated to (and have) provided compensation information for a request such as this, it is not required (and therefore we have declined) to provide that information by name of employee," Greisman said in a statement.

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