Columbia Association unveils new personal training studio

The Columbia Association unveiled a new private, personal training studio at the Columbia Gym in Clarksville this past weekend, according to the Columbia Association blog CA Today.

The training studio is meant for residents looking for a more private training experience, and is open to patrons and trainers of all three Columbia Association facilities.

"This personal training studio allows you personal services in a privatized manner," CA Assistant Director of Personal Training Dena Taylor said.

According to Taylor, the studio is the only facility in Maryland to have a Synrgy360 unit by Life Fitness, a versatile multi-dimensional unit geared toward personal training.

"This brand new unit is one of a kind in the state of Maryland," Taylor said. "It offers you a playground of activity to work out."

Other services available at the studio are a suspension training system TRX, kettlebell services, free weight services, plyometrics and more. 

"There are so many nuances within this studio, you will never have to leave this room if you don't want to train in a public forum any longer," Taylor said.

For more information on the personal training studio click here.

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