Clarksville man arrested after barging into neighbor's residence

A Clarksville man was arrested earlier this week after police say he barged into his neighbor's house in the middle of the day.

Andreas Paul Kovacs, 44, of the 5700 block of Trotter Road, was charged with third- and fourth-degree burglary and trespassing after police arrested him at his home around 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 22, after his female neighbor called police.

According to charging documents, the woman had just gotten out of the shower on the second floor of her residence when she heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs.

Police said the woman called out to the person and told them she was getting dressed, and she heard the voice of Kovacs respond.

The woman said Kovacs, who she said she's only met a couple times, was yelling and looking for her fiance, who was not home, because he wanted a cigarette.

The woman said she grabbed a towel to cover herself and went to close the door that separates the upstairs living area from the rest of the residence.

The woman said she responded to Kovacs that her fiance was not home and attempted to close the door, but Kovacs began forcing his way through the door, according to the charging documents.

Police said the woman repeatedly tried to close the door and told Kovacs to leave, but he kept pushing until the door opened.

Kovacs then ran into an adjacent room and continued to yell for the woman's fiance, the woman said.

The woman said she then picked up her young son, who was playing nearby, and fled down the stairs to the other side of the house and called police.

According to online court records, Kovacs was indicted on burglary and assault charges in September of 2008 in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

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