After a marathon voting session that lasted into the early morning hours Thursday, the Columbia Democratic Club has made its endorsements for this June's Democratic primary elections. 

According to a press release from the group, endorsed candidates needed to garner 50 percent of the ballots cast, plus one vote. More than 200 members of the group participated in the vote, which took place at Ridgely's Run Community Center in Jessup. 

Though many top races are uncontested, including for the county executive seat and for four out of five council districts, Columbia Democratic Club members had tougher choices to make for state races and for the council's first district. 

In District 12, both candidates endorsed by the club -- Clarence Lam and Terri Hill -- are from Columbia. 

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In District 9B, the club chose former Columbia Association board member and local blogger Tom Coale over Democratic Central Committee member Rich Corkran for a delegate seat. 

In the District 9 Senate race, club members endorsed Dan Medinger, who owns a Columbia-based advertising and media business, over newcomer Ryan Frederic, an aerospace research and technology businessman, who filed for the seat on the Feb. 25 deadline.

And in contested County Council District 1, where four Democrats are vying for election, club members chose Jon Weinstein, who was the first to announce his candidacy for the seat.

The primary election takes place June 24. 

Here's the full list of the group's endorsements: 




  • Governor/Lt. Governor - Anthony Brown/Ken Ulman