Columbia man arraigned on 93 counts of animal cruelty; trial upcoming

The husband of the Columbia woman found not guilty of neglecting 18 animals found dead inside a Columbia townhouse was arraigned on 93 counts of animal cruelty, neglect and abuse in Howard County Circuit Court Thursday, according to State's Attorney's Office spokesman Wayne Kirwan.

Brady Decker, 39, of the 9400 block of Hundred Drums Row, testified in the September trial of his wife, Elizabeth Lindenau, that he was responsible for feeding and taking care of the 40 animals found dead inside the townhouse on Jan. 16.

The dead animals, which included birds, cats and rabbits, were found by a property manager inside a Columbia townhouse, located in the 9600 block of Lambeth Court, leased to the couple.

The animals were emaciated and loose around the house, police said, with no water or food.

The electricity, gas and water had been shut off in the residence.

During his wife's trial, Decker testified she had no knowledge the animals were being neglected and that he stopped visiting the townhouse nearly a month before the animals were found.

The judge in the trial, Judge Louis Becker III, acquitted Lindenau of 51 counts of animal cruelty, neglect and abuse before the jury delivered its verdict.

According to Kirwan, Decker appeared in circuit court without an attorney on Thursday morning, but indicated to Judge Becker, who will also preside over his case, that he had hired a private defense counsel.

Decker faces 21 felonies and 72 misdemeanors, Kirwan said, and is scheduled to next appear for a motions hearing on Jan. 17. His  trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 13.

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