Ball celebrates seven years on council

Howard County Council member Calvin Ball, a Columbia Democrat, will celebrate seven years on the council April 20.

An odd month to celebrate an anniversary of elected office, Ball is the longest-serving council member by eight months after being appointed to the position.

He replaced Democrat David Rakes, who resigned his seat on the council in March of that year. Ball's four fellow council members each started their terms in December 2006 and were re-elected in 2010.

Ball was the third person to be appointed to the council to replace a departing council member since 1989, according to council administrator Sheila Tolliver.

Charlie Feaga was appointed to replace Sen. Allan Kittleman in 2004 when Kittleman took his father's seat in the state Senate. Paul Farragut replaced Ruth Keaton in 1989 when Keaton resigned for health reasons.

Ball believes he has had "many successes" as a council member and that the council has accomplished many things that he is proud of.

He mentioned the council's commitment to financial literacy, public safety and economic development throughout business areas in the county.

"I think there are some things I can be pretty pleased with," he said.

Ball's second term with the council ends in 2014 and some people have wondered if he might run for county executive. Ball remains coy on his future plans.

"I've been thinking over the last year that I would like to continue serving the community in an elected office, but I need to evaluate the most effective way I can do that," he said.

County Council members are limited to three terms.



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