At Locust Park, the consultants recommended rebuilding an indoor pool on the site of the current outdoor pool.

According to Long Reach board representative Ed Coleman, the Long Reach village board is in favor of an enclosure. Owen Brown representative Andrew Stack said the Owen Brown village board has not made a recommendation, but that the majority of the community feedback is in favor of the facility.

Costello said the Clippers have endorsed the Locust Park site primarily because of its location.


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Poulos and Klarck also presented findings and recommendations from the study that explored the future of SplashDown.

According to the presentation, SplashDown is no longer feasible to maintain. 

However, Poulos and Klarck said the facility could remain operational for the time being if CA is willing to commit funds to repair the facility’s aging water slides.

Klarck also said that the 26-year-old family amenity, although it is “grandfathered” in, is not up to current code requirements.

“The building envelope is leaking, it doesn’t meet energy standards and clearance heights around the decks do not meet current building code. All these things need to be addressed,” Klarck said.

Regarding a future amenity, Klarck and Poulos recommended replacing the kiddie pool with a “spray play” and transforming the area occupied by the slides into a new family attraction.