During football season, Ohanian is back in Maryland at least eight times, for Redskins home games. Otherwise, his focus is on other startups — Hipmunk, a travel site designed to take the "agony" out of long trips; Breadpig, a resource for entrepreneurs; and 80 others he has invested in, though none in the Baltimore area. He stopped working for reddit in 2010 but still serves on the company's board.

A Forbes report, published six years to the day after the Conde Nast sale, pegs reddit's value at $240 million, which, according to media estimates, could be nearly 50 times what Ohanian, Huffman and their investors were paid for it. The site now draws about 80 million users. But Ohanian says that doesn't cause him regret.

"Steve & I absolutely would have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight, but I don't own a time machine [yet] so I don't spend time dwelling on what I could've done," Ohanian wrote in an email. "I've got stuff to do today."


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Alexis Ohanian, reddit co-founder

Age: 30

Residence: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Occupations: Startup founder, investor, business adviser, including serving on reddit's board of directors

Smartphone of choice: Samsung Galaxy Note 3. "My thumbs are just giant sausages so it's easier to type with a bigger smartphone, and the battery life is amazing," he says.

Homepage apps: Evernote, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, reddit, ESPN Scorecenter, Couple (a messaging app he uses to chat with his girlfriend), Waze, TripIt, Google Maps, Google Drive. (Ohanian is an investor in Evernote and Couple.) "I have to install Candy Crush on here," he adds.

Web browser homepage: "I'm 99 percent sure it's gmail. It should be reddit, but I'm trying to get stuff done."

If you go

Reddit co-founder and Howard County native Alexis Ohanian will speak about his book, "Without Their Permission", at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Shriver Hall on the Homewood campus of the Johns Hopkins University.