30-second timeout with Kinsey Johnson, River Hill softball third baseman

As a second-year starter at third base, River Hill’s Kinsey Johnson has been one of the leaders behind the Hawks turnaround season this spring. After going 7-10 in county play last year, River Hill (10-3, 11-3) has already exceeded that win total with still a week to go in the regular season.

Johnson, a sophomore, has had multiple hits in half of the team’s games so far, including a 3-4 effort against Arundel in March.

In between practice and games, she recently took some time out to answer a few questions about her interests off the field.

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Favorite TV show:

Walking Dead

Best moment as a high school athlete: 

The first game I got to represent my school as a varsity athlete on the softball team

Favorite pump-up song:

Right now it's Make it Bun Dem, but anything with a good beat.

Hobby most people might not know I have:

Horseback riding

Favorite pro athlete:

Michael Morse

Favorite movie:

Sports movies like the Blind Side or Moneyball

Pepsi or Coke?:


Sport you're really bad at:

Anything involving running for a long time

Best thing about being in high school:

Meeting new people and having more freedom

Favorite place to eat:


TV show you can't stand to watch:

Pretty Little Liars or any of those vampire series

Funniest comedian right now:

Daniel Tosh

Dream job (outside of sports):


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