W.R. Grace breaks ground in Clarksville [History Matters]

June 1965

W.R. Grace groundbreaking

"Research Industry Plans New Wing:

"Ground has been broken for the construction of a one million dollar addition to the main laboratory building of W.R. Grace & Co.'s Washington Research Center in Clarksville. This expansion is a direct result of the continuing growth of the Company's research program.

"Expected to be completed in early 1966, the new structure will contain chemical research laboratories and offices for services support groups in thirty-nine thousand square feet of floor space. ...

"Grace presently employs four hundred and fifty scientific and supporting personnel at its Clarksville laboratories. Established in 1958 on one hundred and fifty acres of rolling farmland, this central research facilities carries out basic and applied research in support of the company's chemical divisions."

June 1924

Throwing high streams

 "Tests Made of New Fire Engine:

"Fire Equipment Officially Accepted — Satisfaction Expressed — Active Department Organized.

"Official test of the new fire engine was made the past Tuesday afternoon at the C.A. Gambrill Mill Races before the County Commissioners, City Commissioners, County Officials and a large number of residents of the town and county. The test was conducted under the supervision of Fire Chief Priester of the Baltimore County Fire Department.

"After a thorough trial of three hours of continuous pumping, the engine stood up to all requirements proving satisfactory in every detail. A stream of 750 gallons per minute was thrown. Streams were thrown higher than the mill, and across the river below the new concrete bridge. Great satisfaction was expressed by those present at the performance of the apparatus. The chemical tanks were also given a practical tryout of their worth.

"On conclusion of the tests, the engine was accepted officially by the County Commissioners, thereby placing it in readiness for immediate service. Mr. Howard, engineer of the American La France Company is lavish in his praise of the program made by Chief Engineer Shipley and assistants Collette and Miller."

"To Build Bridge Over Hammond's Branch

"The contract for the erection of a concrete bridge over Hammonds branch on the Columbia Road was awarded to August M. Mayer of Relay, by the County Commissioners last Tuesday at his bid of $21.00 per cubic yard for concrete in floor slab and 422.00 per cubic yard for wing walls and abuttments. the new bridge, which will cost about $1,300, will be about 28 feet in length, with a clear roadway 16 feet wide. Work will be started in about two weeks."

June 1890

Beer for the family

"Business Locals: The new brand, 'Globe' beer is now being offered on draught or for family use at John Kavanaugh's, John U. O'Brien's old stand. the beer is highly spoken of by all who have used it. It is a leading and popular brand. For family use, the beer is offered bottled, and is unrivalled.

"Mr. Thomas E. McClelland reminds his friends that he is indispensable during the house-cleaning season. Books, papers, old iron, etc, bought.

"Real Estate Transfers: the following is a record of Howard County real estate transfers for the past two weeks: Gerhard Butke and wife to E. R. Moxley, three houses in Ellicott City, $1300; George M. Tatum and wife to George R. Forman, 407 acres $300 and other property; Philip Krause and wife to Henry Stanersky, 14 acres, 3 roods and 30 square perches $150; Edward Norwood and wife to Charles B. Snapp, lot of land in Hanoverville, $600.

"Samuel J. Frey to Elizabeth Ann Frey, 16 acres, 3 roods and ten square perches; Mary Conoway to Richard O. Conoway and others, right of way for road 32 ft. by 64 ft. $5; Charles T. Mullineaux and wife to Margaret E. Ridgley, 19 acres, 1 rood and 30 perches $388.75; George R. Leach and Charles Pickett to Samuel E. Bowman, 38 square perches $5; John Ryan and others to Elmer E. Peddicord, 2 acres of land $700; Benjamin Snell and Sara Jane Snell 4 acres, 2 roods, 13 perches, $1 and other considerations, Orson Adams to Anna L. Adams 36 acres, 2 roods and 37 square perches $2310."

A rood was usually used to mean one-quarter acre. And using this British system of land measurement, one acre equals 160 square perches.

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