Bank manager delivers daughter at home in 1965 [History Matters]

February 1965

Off the cuff obstetrics

"Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shinnault of Catonsville are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter, Linda Carolyn, on Thursday, January 21. Mr. Shinnault is especially being congratulated because he delivered little Linda in their home when the stork arrived before the ambulance. When not acting as part-time obstetrician, Mr. Shinnault is manager of the Howard County Federal Savings and Loan. Mrs. Shinnault is the former Patricia Kane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kane of Chestnut Hills.

"Mr. and Mrs. William Duboc of McAlpine Road will move to Sharon, Penna., since Mr. Duboc has been transferred by Westinghouse.

"The frozen pond in Beaverbrook has been great for ice skating and among the residents enjoying the sport recently were Connie and Susie Upperco, Craig, Todd and Tracey Eames, Sherrie and Debbie Page."

February 1924

Be our guest


"Mr. and Mrs. Basil Linthicum, and family and Mr. John Linthicum were guests at the home of Mr. Thomas Linthicum last Sunday.

"Mrs. Wm. Day and son spent last week-end with Mrs. George Parsley.

"Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Day spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Iglehart.

February 1890

Wagons, ho!

"Back From the West;  Mount Airy, Jan 29 — Dr. Calvin E. Becraft who some months ago received the appointment of physician to the government reservation at Fort Spokane, Washington territory, and has since that time  been in the far West, returned to Maryland something over a week ago. His stay here however is about concluded as he intends leaving to-morrow for the Western country which will be his future home, taking his family which has been thus far boarding at the Ridgeville Hotel. Dr. Becraft is looking remarkably well and likes the country in which he is located.

It is possible that his brother, Mr. George W. Becraft, an enterprising farmer resident near Long Corner, will before many months likewise seek his fortune in Washington Territory, believing the country's advantages of soil and climate to offer greater inducements to the agriculturists than are to be found here."

News items:  "The store of Mr. Robert Yates, in the west end was robbed Saturday night of a quantity of tobacco, cigars and other articles. Entrance was effected by smashing the store's glass front.

"Wm. H. Buchanan who had recently resigned the position of B&O auditor of revenue, to be stationed by George W. Booth, was the first traveling auditor to check up on Ellicott City station.

"The Pfeiffer sale made by Richard W. Templeman and which was advertised in The Times was more largely attended than any other known in the county for some time.

"John G. Rogers, assignee, on Monday sold the realty of the late Levi Marr as advertised in The Times to Oliver Amoss of the third district for $1,100.

"Senator Peter has been requested to introduce a bill extending the time of constructing certain branches of the Ellicott City and Clarksville turnpike.

"Werner Bros, quarrymen of this city, have obtained the contract for stone to be used in enlarging the Cathedral in Baltimore.

"While Mr. Wes. Etchison was digging a ditch recently the banks caved in, injuring him severely, and it was with great difficulty that he was extricated.

"Mr. Frank Keene and son are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. W. R. Dorsey.

"Mr. Charles A Runkles, who has been quite sick, is out again."

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