Scholars at St. Louis School scoop up scholarships [Clarksville]

Colleen Craig at St. Louis School can't believe it's already June and eighth-graders are graduating.

Where do the years go? Time may seem to drag for the young, but it flies for adults. Thanks, Colleen, for taking time to share the news.

Three St. Louis grads — Julia Habiger, Grace Sweeney and Marianna Ghirardelli — have been awarded the prestigious Knott Scholarship providing full, four-year tuition to Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. To qualify for these highly competitive awards, a student must score a 95 or above in reading, math and language on a nationally normed test as well as have an A/A-plus or 93-100 in all major subjects.

Timothy Dragonette, Ifeanyi Ezeh, Benjamin Brotzman, Rachel Huber, Dale Tiongson, Jordan Woo, Zarina Davies, Zoe Kreisel and Kevin Key received other scholarships to local private high schools.

Congratulations to scholarship awardees and all rising freshmen. Best wishes as you advance in your education.

Suzy Hill needs your help ... big time!

The Clarksville Picnic sponsored by St. Louis Parish will celebrate its 135th year on June 29.

Hill is recruiting volunteers to make the event a success for all. She needs literally 1,000 volunteers.

You do not need to be Catholic to volunteer. You do not need to live in Clarksville to volunteer. You do need to be willing to work and have fun.

There are volunteer opportunities available for individuals and whole families in games, food stands and the dinner tent. If you or your family would like to volunteer, register online at For more information, contact Suzy Hill at 443-253-1054.

Ryne McMurdy will be 12 years old on Wednesday, June 19. Happy birthday, Ryne. Have a great year.

Thursdays at the Corner in Clarksville Square shopping center will feature Aly from MIX 107.3 on June 20 from 6 to 9 p.m. There will be special offers and foods to sample during those hours. All are welcome.

The final day of school is Friday, June 14. Drive carefully. Children playing may dash out into the street at times you would usually expect them not to be home.

Be sure to call or send email to share graduation news, awards, job finds and summer vacation experiences. Have fun and share the fun.


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