Residents of Long Reach deserve redevelopment [Letter]

I am writing in support of the county redeveloping the Long Reach Village Center. I have lived in Howard County all of my adult life since 1970, almost 44 years. For thirty-two of those years, I lived in Columbia, 12 years in the Village of Oakland Mills and 15 years in the Village of Long Reach. I currently live in Clarksville. I have been a member of Celebration Church since it first began in 1985.

I am also a retired Howard County educator with 38 years in the school district. Consequently, from my vantage point as a resident and former educator, I have firsthand experience and knowledge about the need to and importance of redeveloping the Long Reach Village Center. Both the residents and especially the children living in the village, as well as other county residents, will benefit tremendously from a revitalized village center with their needs taken into consideration.

I have lived in Howard County long enough to remember when there were community programs in each village center designed especially for our youth and I personally participated in some programs for adults. Most importantly, in today's chaotic and stressful society, there is a tremendous need to develop constructive, well planned programs for our youth and adults. I would also like to suggest that community members and particularly our youth be involved in the planning process when it begins.

Barbara Dandridge


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