First up was River Hill’s Jessie Hopkins, who scored on a shot to Reservoir keeper Abby Gillum’s right. Lilly Hermina countered for the Gators, tying the shots at 1-1.

Street, Alex Hamer, Becca Higgins and Julianna ball all scored for the Hawks, while Bonner, Paola Rosa, Julianne Knoblett and Rager answered for the Gators, making it 5-5.

River Hill Senior Maddie Haugh stepped up with a chance to give the Hawks their sixth consecutive successful shot.

However, Haugh’s ball sailed over the crossbar, giving Reservoir’s Kylie Toler a chance to win it for the Gators.

“We practiced PKs so much,” said Haugh. “I thought I had it. I just wasn’t thinking right and did something completely different from what I normally do.”

Still, the Hawks found retribution, as Toler’s shot also traveled well above the goal.

O’Brien put River Hill in the lead, and when Anna Janush missed left of the goal as the Gators' final shooter, the Hawks were victorious. 

Sullivan praised his team’s ability to counter every chance the Hawks had, saying the quality of play was more indicative of a state title-type match, rather than just a sectional championship.

“Unfortunately, someone has to lose,” he said. “That was a game that both teams fought hard.”

River Hill’s next test is a match-up with the Centennial Eagles, who will host the Hawks on Tuesday for a chance to advance to the 3A state semifinals.

“I give credit to (Reservoir coach) Josh (Sullivan) and his team,” Song said. “We were a little fortunate, and we came out on top today.”

2A South Section I Final

Marriotts Ridge used a Mary Koutrelakos goal in the final minutes of the second half to lift the Mustangs over the Calvert Cavaliers, 1-0. 

The Mustangs advance to the regional championship game on Tuesday, when it will face Southern High School.