Howard County speed camera citations, fines to start Wednesday

Howard County will begin issuing fines Wednesday to motorists who are caught speeding by the mobile cameras recently set up near schools, ending a monthlong grace period.

The fine, mailed to the vehicle's owner, is $40.

Two mobile speed cameras operate between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays, targeting vehicles going at least 12 mph over the speed limit in areas near the county's more than 100 schools. They take a photo that includes the license plate, according to police. People may contest the citations in court.

Police said they will continue to post a list of the camera locations for the each coming week on its website. The county has two cameras now, but the law that created the program this year allows up to eight.

Howard County officials expect the program to take in $1.2 million its first year and cost about $250,000 to operate. Additional revenue would go to public safety programs, according to the law.

Speed camera locations for this week:

•Centennial Lane

•Hesperus Drive

•Mellenbrook Road

•4400 block of Montgomery Road

•4900 block of Ilchester Road

•6500 block of Freetown Road

•7000 block of Montgomery Road

•8100 block of Old Montgomery Road

•8900 block of Whiskey Bottom Road

•11600 block of Frederick Road

•13400 block of Triadelphia Road

Warnings will be issued Monday and Tuesday; $40 citations start Wednesday

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