Dyer asks for dismissal of case

Howard County Board of Education member Allen Dyer requested Tuesday that the state dismiss his fellow members' resolution to oust him.

On June 9, the school board passed a resolution by a 5-2 vote requesting that the State Board of Education remove Dyer, citing his repeated filing of lawsuits against the board and accusing him of, among other things, violating confidentiality agreements and bullying board members.

Dyer's lawyer, Harold Burns, argued Tuesday that citizens have known for some time Dyer had issues with the board and had filed many lawsuits against it before taking office, "but elected him anyway."

He added, "Mr. Dyer is here today because [those who voted to oust him] and he do not get along. No one will deny that Mr. Dyer is not collegiate. He is not warm and cuddly. He does not go along to get along."

The board's lawyer said the specifics behind the resolution to oust Dyer will be outlined during later proceedings.

The case was transferred to the Office of Administrative Hearings on July 13.

Administrative law judge Douglas Koteen, who heard Dyer's motion, has said he would make a decision on whether to dismiss the case no later than Oct. 27.

He has also set a schedule allowing motions, exhibit and discoveries should the case move forward and set five days for hearings to begin May 7. He would later make a decision on the matter.


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