"The commission's plan represents the interests of both parties," he said. He added that he felt the plan would maintain the number of Democrats on the council, but said the council "could be five members," given the number of registered democrats in the county

"Just the sheer number could guarantee a five member council," he said.

Another area that drew some contention was the Dorsey Hall neighborhood. It was put into Sigaty's district 10 years ago because it was thought the community, which is under Columbia Association governance, would have more in common with the other CA villages.

"Personally, I don't see how things have changed. They are still a CA village," Sigaty said.

Watson said she had heard differently from residents in that neighborhood who commented that, historically, the neighborhood was part of District 1.

Sigaty said she thought the plan would likely be changed given that, historically, most proposals were changed before being adopted.

"It's really just at the beginning of the process," she said.

The council has until May 15 to draft legislation to adopt a new map. If it takes no action, the commission's recommendation will be the final map.


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