Messr. Editors -- The following verses are extracted from the Philadelphia Public Ledger of Monday last. As they describe my case so well, I will thank you to publish them once more. For the last five or six years I have been most horribly afflicted with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. They very best of physicians have done all they could for me, and I have tried many other remedies, but all to no purpose, and finally concluded that I would take no more medicine of any kinds. My friends, however, advised me as a last resort, to try the much talked of Brandreth Pills. Thanks be to Providence, I took their advice; and instead of being weak, emaciated and miserable, I am strong, robust, and healthy.



"Why will ye die?" -- Prophet Ezekiel.
Rouse, rouse from your bed, where so long you've been lying;
No longer despondingly droop --
All hasten to Parker's* ye sick and ye dying,
Present yourselves there in a group.
He has that which will cure most inveterate ailings
And heal all your bodily ills;
If you'd learn what will remedy bodily failings,
Take BRANDRETH'S Vegetable Pills.
They're a match for the headache, sick stomach and asthma;
Rheumatic affections they'll still;
I mpself, who was dead (pretty near) with dyspepsia,
And healed by this health-giving pill.
For my breakfast, one cup of black tea and a cracker
Were all that I mincingly ate;
But now, if you'd see me, you'd say "Lord, what a whacker --"
I empty both table and plate.
Are you chiblained or gouty? or have you the phthisic?
I care not how numerous your ills;
Have you spent a small fortune on doctors and physic?
Pshaw! Just try one box of these pills.
*Messrs. Morgan and Parker, merchants of Elkton, Md., are agents for the sale of Brandreth Pills in that place.


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