Where is the man who can stand erect amongst his kind, and boast that he has passed unscathed through the ordeal which has been prepared for our enterprising and commercial countrymen? Such men are few and far between; and could we scrutinize them in their privacy, how soon we should perceive the absurdity of the thought, that they have been unaffected by it. We should see them at one time elated with hope and confidence, and the blood coursing high and tumultuously along the channels of the system, under the natural influence of that state of the mind -- anon. fear would usurp its sway with the fluctuation of a moment, and then the feverish fluid of the heart would chill and burn alternately within the veins -- again, the case is desperate, and stolid apathy congeals the vital springs that were wont to eddy in the heart and clammy perperation clings upon the victim's brow. Suspense agonizes every sensitive fibre of his frame, till at last he find s release either in success or defeat, enervated in body and emaciated in mind.

It is not to be supposed that this excitement and effect is confined to the great -- the millionaires of the busy world. No! It pervades all the ramifications of the society; it pulses like the blood from the highest to the lowest, and throbs wildly at the extremity of the commercial body as it does at the centre, whence it flows. And what is the effect of such a state of affairs? Why, the system; the natural body sufferes under its debilitating influence to an incredible extent; and though this may not be perceiv'd while the excitement is prolongued it will come with double proofs to thousands when the reign of terror shall have passed. Some renovating, some powerful reacting principle, must be set in operation against it, and the functions of the body, aided in their struggle with the action of mental agitation, and there is nothing that so readily harmonizes with the blood, and so inimical to impurity as the far-famed BRANDRETH VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL PILLS.

It is useless here to multiply assertions in favor of their detercive qualities, or to detail their peculiar merit, standing as they do upon the umoveable basis of the reputation they won for themselves. It is enough to invite the invalid who has not experienced their virtue to come and enjoy that health which has so long eluded his pursuit, while they who have been already benefitted by their use will look back to the ay when first they heard the name of BRANDRETH as the most auspicious era of their human existance.

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