Bel Air teen fatally shot by deputy continued to struggle, police logs show

A teenager from Bel Air remained "combative" and continued to struggle, even after he was shot earlier this month by a Harford County Sheriff's deputy responding to a call for a disorderly subject and possible break-in, logs of police dispatches and 911 logs show.

Nearly seven minutes after the initial 911 call was placed on Aug. 17, to report a man causing a disturbance in businesses around the intersection of Red Pump/Bynum Roads and Route 24 (Rock Spring Road), Harford County Sheriff's Deputy David Feeney fired the shots that killed 19-year-old Seth Beckman.

"Shots fired...shots fired [suspect] down...[suspect] down," unit S925 reported, according to the logs obtained from the Harford County 911 Center.

A Sheriff's Office spokesman has confirmed that Feeney is S925.

A log of the 911 calls and radio traffic among law enforcement officers, EMTs and a Maryland State Police Medevac helicopter, covering the period from 10:37 p.m. on Aug. 17 and 8:03 a.m. on Aug. 18, indicates the quick escalation of Mr. Beckman's disorderly activities at several businesses in the area that led to his shooting outside Sharon's Shaved Ice snowball stand by Feeney, following by attempts to treat his wounds at the scene and then hours of activity by police investigators, as they secured the crime scene and interviewed witnesses.

Just over 11 minutes elapsed from the time of the first report of a Bel Air Police Department unit responding to the disorderly rampage and the subduing of Mr. Beckman by police, the logs show.

And, as previously acknowledged by Mr. Beckman's family, the logs confirm his mother and father went to the scene after learning their son had been shot and before he was removed by ambulance to nearby Red Pump Elementary School for helicopter transport to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where he died at 1:10 a.m.

The report shows an "incoming 911" call at 10:37:56 p.m.; the caller reported a "customer tearing store up" at the 7-Eleven store on Bynum Road.

A narrative included in the report states: "[subject] came into store and started tearing store up // then walked outside and assaulted a customer in parking lot // [subject] now walking up [Route] 24 and is over by the BP station // afraid same thing may occur there // 7-11 securing doors until police arrives," the narrative states.

It also noted that "weapons were not involved or mentioned."

Bel Air Police, Harford County Sheriff's deputies and state troopers responded to the lot of the BP station, where Mr. Beckman was reported as being inside the Sharon's Shaved Ice stand, on the edge of the BP station parking lot.

A Bel Air officer, identified in the report by the radio call sign B124, placed a call of "Shots Fired" at 10:44:49 p.m.

Feeney reported "shots fired" and "[suspect] down" 19 seconds later at 10:44:58 p.m.

He called again at 10:45:06 p.m. that the suspect was "down" and then reported "I am OK," at 10:45:14 and again 20 seconds later.

The same Bel Air officer, B124, called "secure the gas station" at 10:47:11 p.m.

A deputy identified as S106 called "need to secure the scene" and "[suspect] is down detained" at 10:48:52 p.m. and 10:48:56 p.m.

Another deputy, S831, called "[suspect] is down detained" and "we have all of BAPD [Bel Air Police Department] and MSP [Maryland State Police] out here gathering witnesses" at 10:49:09 p.m. and 10:49:16 p.m.

The log contains a report from S831 of "medics at 22:50 [hours]," less than six minutes after the first report of shots fired.

The deputy S831 reported at 10:52:42 p.m. that, despite Mr. Beckman having been shot, "I am restraining him he is still combative." The deputy then called at 10:53:09 p.m., "need someone to start taping up this lot keeping people away."

A call was placed from a Medevac helicopter, identified as TRP [Trooper] 1, reported at 10:57:44 p.m. a 16-minute ETA [estimated time of arrival] to the Forest Hill Airport.

The landing zone was changed to the closer Red Pump Elementary School at 10:59:45 p.m.; TRP1 reported 11:02:55 p.m. a six-minute ETA to the school.

An individual with the call sign K92 reported at 11:13:38 p.m. that Route 24 would be shut down.

A deputy identified as S939 reported at 11:14:04 p.m. that Mr. Beckman was unconscious; K92 reported at 11:18:27 p.m. that Mr. Beckman was in "trauma arrest", and at 11:25:48 p.m. that he had a pulse but was "very critical."

The helicopter was reported to be in the air at 11:28:40 p.m.

Deputy S831 reported at 11:45:13 p.m. that Mr. Beckman's first name was Seth.

Deputy S106 reported at 11:45:58 p.m. that Mr. Beckman's mother "is out here running around."

Mr. Beckman's parents, Glenn and Linda Beckman, of the Brentwood Park community two miles from the scene, said last week that they came to the station after getting a call from one of their son's friends that there had been a shooting at the BP station.

Glenn Beckman said that his wife knew their son was lying on the ground by his shoes. The father has also said his son, who was being treated for depression, acted out of character based on the reports from police. He suspects his son had taken some kind of "bad drugs."

The scene was secured after midnight, and investigators examined the area in front of the snowball stand well into the early morning hours of Aug. 18.

The call was closed at 8:03:32 a.m. Aug. 18, according to the report dispatch logs.

A funeral was held for Mr. Beckman on Aug. 24. Feeney has been placed on administrative leave with pay while the shooting is investigated, and Sheriff's Office detectives have not released any details such as whether Mr. Beckman was armed, how many shots were fired or how many times he was hit.

An autopsy on Mr. Beckman was performed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, but the medical examiner and toxicology reports are not yet available.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Edward Hopkins said Thursday the shooting remains under investigation and he could provide no additional details.

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