As per Sheriff's Office protocol, Feeney is on administrative leave.

"He's not allowed to come back unless he can handle it," Bane said, but speculated "he's probably looking to come back as soon as he can."

Internal affairs will conduct an investigation, assisted by the criminal investigation division, which when finished will be turned over to Harford County State's Attorney Joe Cassilly, who will determine if the deputy acted appropriately and decide if charges should be filed.

"In our minds we may feel it was a good shooting, but we can't bring it to a conclusion until Mr. Cassilly reviews the files," Bane said.

He hopes to wrap up the investigation as quickly as possibly, "so we can get things back to where we need to be within the agency and with the deputies."

When deputies go on the road, their minds need to be in the game, and these things interfere with that, he said.

Bane also wants to be able to inform the public as soon as possible so questions can be answered and to "bring everything to a conclusion particularly as it relates to Mr. Cassilly's review."

Bane also is confident the investigation can be done by the sheriff's office rather than turning it over to an outside agencies.

"There may be a time to go outside, depending on the circumstances ... if it were a member of the command staff I'd probably go outside, or a possible conflict of interest," Bane said. "In this scenario, there's not a reason to go outside."

As far as this investigation, "we can't leave a stone unturned. We have a degree of accountability to the public," Bane said. "We need to make sure the public has trust in us. We need to do a thorough investigation and unfortunately those things take time. Our priority is to conclude this as quickly as possible."

Thinking of other family

As of Monday afternoon, Bane had not spoken with Mr. Beckman's family, a move he was contemplating.

"There's a big part of me that wants to," he said, but was unsure if he would. "I feel a great deal of sympathy for the family. Parents are not supposed to bury their children. There's a lot they have to deal with."

What would he tell them?

"That I'm very sorry this happened. I know they're going through a very difficult time," Bane said. "It's not anything we wanted to happen and I hope they would understand that."