Euler said about 20 lots have been sold so far, "and the model [home] is not even open, which is the incredible part."

The subdivision is off Red Pump Road and Grafton Shop Road in the Bel Air North area.

"The market in the Bel Air area has been not been hurt as bad as some areas because of proximity to good schools, decent shopping and good neighborhoods where everybody wants to live," said Euler, whose Richardson's Legacy off Tollgate Road, south of Bel Air, has also seen brisk single family home sales for three years.

Joan Ryder, owner/broker with Joan Ryder and Associates Real Estate Inc. of Bel Air, said people are eager to buy a home in Harford County, but supply is not keeping up with demand.

"We're looking for more listings, and trying to build up our inventory because the market is demanding it and there's not much out there," she said.

Ryder said homes which are "in good condition and priced right" sell quickly – she said one house sold less than a week after it was listed.

Most of the current supply of existing homes is made up of foreclosed homes owned by banks, or those which owners are trying to move through a "short sale," which involves an owner selling a home for less than what he or she owes on the mortgage.

Ryder said short sellers must get approval from their mortgage lenders, and it can take six to eight months to sell a house using that process.

She said her firm typically sells about 25 homes a month, and was selling about twice that amount at the height of the housing boom.

Ryder said the National Association of Realtors, however, is "predicting really good things for 2013."

"It looking like it's turning around," she said. "I don't think it's going to be like it was five years ago, but at least getting back to a reasonably normal market."