"It's our neighborhood," Zengel said when asked what made her come to the snowball stand. "It's still somewhere to get a sweet treat in the evening; it's still a safe area."

Ripple, who said she and her family heard the emergency sirens and helicopter Saturday night, agreed with Zengel.

"We're not going to not come here," she said.

Community reaction swift

As the news of Mr. Beckman's death spread across social media Sunday morning and afternoon, families in Brentwood Park went about their business in the community off Vale Road.

The neighborhood consists of well-kept homes on tree-lined streets, some named after Hollywood actors, with names such as Bogart Circle, Cagney Court, Hepburn Lane and Peppard Drive.

Mr. Beckman lived with his family in the 1000 block of Peppard Drive.

Children were riding their bikes in the streets, parents played in yards with their children and people jogged or walked their dogs along the sidewalks.

Some residents noted the tragedy of losing a young person, but questioned why Mr. Beckman was allegedly breaking into the snowball stand.

Others remembered a young man who was quiet and kind, yet also an intense athlete. Mr. Beckman, who graduated from Fallston High School in 2012, played football and was a member of a local recreational rugby team.

"He was a good rugby player," said Peter Knorr, Mr. Beckman's teammate during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. "He was really into it."

Knorr, 19, and a resident of northern Harford County, was in Brentwood Park Sunday visiting his girlfriend, Sarah Leonard, also 19.

Leonard was a classmate of Mr. Beckman at Fallston High.

"He was just always full of energy," she recalled. "He was nice; he was just nice to all kinds of people."

Leonard said they had math and film classes together.

"He would talk to teachers, and he got along with everybody," she said.

Leonard and others who knew Mr. Beckman said he fell in with the "wrong" people toward the end of his life, however.

"All I want people to get from this was, he was a good guy but at the end just went the wrong way," she said.

'Wrong places'

Glenn Beckman sat in his living room Sunday evening with pictures of his late son. Beckman, his wife Linda and Seth's 26-year-old sister Brittany were in some of the photos.