Snow creates issues for all, fun for some [Commentary]

Well, here I sit in my own home, trying to take care of this week's sports pages, that include this column.

I'm certainly not afraid of driving in the snow, but what's the sense of doing so if I and others can do what we need to from outside the main office? Uh, we do it all the time when covering late games, meetings and such.

The snow, while pretty in some cases, is a nuisance in most others. Obviously, many, many years ago, I didn't quite feel the same.

As teenagers, we longed for the snow for two reasons. The first, the same as teenagers and all kids today, we got out of school. Secondly, though, it meant some good days/evenings in Todd Field playing football as long and as much as we could.

Looking back, I can honestly say that I don't recall any real fights or game-related serious injuries. There was the occasional bloody nose, but what was better than a glove full of cold snow to ease the problem?

Now, I look at it as just an unnecessary evil. Just kidding.

Truly, though, with the snow comes the cancellations and the subsequent game postponements.

A quick look at the schedules I have shows seven girls basketball games, six boys basketball games and three swim meets caught up the postponement woes. For now, I'll call them postponements as there's time for these contests to be made up. But with it being just Dec. 9 and 10, who knows how many more will get scratched as we try to skate through January? Unfortunately, we may be talking about cancellations at that point.

Now, I know most of you were watching the Baltimore Ravens game Sunday, if not there live in the elements.

Snow or no snow, that was one of the craziest final five minutes of any football game I had ever witnessed. There was a high school game some eight or so years ago with Havre de Grace pulling off an miraculous win at Catoctin that still ranks as the greatest game I ever covered. Trust me, it was fantastic.

Anyway, back to the Ravens and Vikings. What a complete mess of the field. Not the mess you get from a natural grass and dirt field, but a mess when it's hard to know exactly where the ball is and where it should be placed.

The Eagles and Lions had the same trouble in Philadelphia. Actually, a little worse from what I could tell. It did seem a little ironic to see it sunny in Denver a little later that day. Hah, don't let the sun fool ya. It was 16 degrees with a real feel of 6 degrees. As sad as it sounds, I'll take the snow and 30s over the sun and teens.

I would be remiss if I didn't type a word or two about a great man and friend, Harley Parkes, who died last week after a battle with leukemia.

Most of you know of Harley, but for those who don't, he was the face of Harford Christian athletics, especially the boys and girls soccer teams. He coached and mentored all kinds of kids, including his own sons.

Harley was a genuine and honest man whose presence will be missed by many. We know that Harley is in a better place and his earthly suffering is over.

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