Tech's girls soccer win doesn't make UCBAC perfect [Commentary]

It was just five months ago when the Upper Chesapeake Bay Athletic Conference saw its biggest issue to date when the Harford Tech girls lacrosse team took a stand and refused to play in the UCBAC title game as the lower division team against the more talented upper division team from C. Milton Wright.

The decision drew much response, both in favor and in non-agreement, for the stance taken by the Cobras.

Fast forward to last week and we were treated to another Tech-CMW, lower vs upper match, but this time on the girls soccer field. I expected a good game and that's exactly what I got.

Tech was able to pull off the rare feat of beating the upper division power, 1-0, on Shannon Conlon's goal in the second half. Who expected that?

Anyway, once awards were handed out to both teams and photos taken, I got my two interviews and started to head out to a school concert back near my home in Havre de Grace.

Before I could get all the way off the turf at Bel Air High School, I was asked by assistant Bel Air Athletic Director Tony Blackburn if my column this week was going to be about how the UCBAC works, since we had just watched one of the rare upsets in UCBAC history.

Then, a day or so later, I get an e-mail from someone hiding behind an address, railing on about how bad the lacrosse team's actions were last Spring.

The fact is, I shared my views then in support of the Tech girls lacrosse team last fall and, despite last week's monumental win in girls soccer, my mind has not changed.

Tech's win was a first in girls soccer since the UCBAC title game began in 2004. In fact, until last week, Fallston and CMW were the only schools listed on the conference championship plaque. Now Tech's name will appear on the plaque forever.

So, as I did that night, I offer my congrats to the Tech program on its win. I also congratulate CMW on a good, clean game. I won't say well played, because I think coaches, and players alike, might disagree.

While a few want to point out Tech's win as a guarantee that this championship stuff works and works well, where were they the week before when the same two schools met in the UCBAC field hockey championship?

Or, where were they at the boys soccer title game that followed last week?

I believe in both cases the winners, Fallston's boys and CMW's girls were winners by identical 3-0 scores. I could make an argument that both of those results were on the border of blowouts.

It's simple folks. Every week there are teams that aren't supposed to win. Who's going to tell them, "No, you can't?" That's what makes sports great.

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