What a year it was in 1964 [Commentary]

So the year was 1964 and who knew that so many wonderful things occurred in that year?

If you're at all in touch with your television, then you probably saw the same things I did over the past few weeks.

I'm not talking about the Super Bowl, which has the Roman numeral number XLVII. That's 48 for those a bit confused.

I'm actually talking about two other events that have impacted the lives of millions over the past 50 years. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and of course, the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Both in 1964.

Men and women, probably for different reasons, have sought out the swimsuit edition for years. I have to be honest, I really wasn't aware that the swimsuit edition was 50 years old this year, until I saw the show a couple weeks back.

I'm pretty sure I recall looking for it, likely 30 or so years ago, but I can say that I did not buy the edition for most of those 30 years. I saw them, just didn't have to buy them.

Now, as for the Beatles. I was never a true fan of the group, but I did enjoy plenty of the music they made together and in solo ventures. I believe my favorite song by any or all is "So This is Christmas" by John Lennon.

The music is timeless and we've all heard the songs day in day out. Everybody loves "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Hey Jude," but I and many of my classmates were introduced to another classic Beatles song in seventh grade English class. The fun song, "Octopus's Garden." Thank you, Barbara Snyder.

You know, though, we had our own 50-year celebration right here in Harford County and it took place Friday night in Pylesville.

North Harford Wrestling celebrated 50 years Friday with a couple of nice receptions, a ceremony and, of course, a match with visiting Aberdeen.

In this 50 years the Hawks have had a number of good things. While there are other schools right here in Harford that have had more success, North Harford's is not, as they say, one to sneeze at.

Five state champs, an average of one per 10 years, isn't bad. Actually, it's pretty good.

Of those state champs, Steve Conrad is the only one I had the privilege to write about, in 2001. The others came before my time covering the sport began here, although I was already working here when Glenn Allen won his crown in 1983.

Although they didn't win state titles, the names of Marc Perrine, Reuben Kraft and Chad Roland stick out very strong in my memory book. As does former coach Fred Holtz, who coached the Hawks longer than any other head coach.

Event coordinator Joe Pruitt, a former wrestler and student at North Harford, should be commended for his efforts in making this 50-year celebration a success. It was well done.

Now, I guess we better get ready for another blast from Mother Nature. This might be the big one, at least for this year. Stay safe.

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