Irritated by Eva-Mar plans [Letter]

Last week as I was driving down Route 22 around Amyclae development, I was amazed and gratified to see a very large red headed Tom Turkey glided in front of me across Route 22 and into a wooded lot adjacent to Amyclae.

This coupled with the flocks of geese habitually in the fields at Eva Mar Farm, along with the many deer, fox and hawk and an occasional eagle in the wood line that borders Amyclae, Tudor Manor, Fox Chase and Wagner Farms developments makes me appreciate where I have chosen to live for the past 12 years.

Well, Harford County, these type viewings will no doubt be short lived if the proposed Carsins Run Development at Eva Mar is allowed to go forth as planned. Life as we know it will be changed forever. The plan of putting a four story high rise CCRC complex for Presbyterian Home of Maryland along with 144 small lotted homes is certainly incompatible and will cause additional congestion with the current existing community. We are not against a CCRC in the Bel Air area but not squeezed in among our local developments along already heavily traveled Route 543 adding an estimated 1,100 more vehicles daily if created. The forest will be cut down and the wildlife habitat will be eliminated while the traffic on Route 543 will be impossible. I did not mention the effect on our overcrowded schools which is another issue.

The County Executive (David Craig) and the County Council along with the Planning and Zoning Director (Peter Gutwald) has assisted in letting this happen. They claim no involvement or knowledge in a recent article in The Sun paper dated April 9th but the past history shows that they have sponsored and passed three specific zoning laws that directly favor the CCRC and the developers of this project. They also claim no knowledge of these development proposals when these same related bills passed on Nov. 12, 2013 while the development approval process moved forward on Nov. 14, 2013 of the same week. Seems quite a coincidence (two days) that the approval process was waiting for the passage of these bills so as to move forward on approval on Friday of the same week. Who are you going to believe the thousand or so residents in protest of this development or your local politicians that have records of receiving campaign donations from this same developer and many other developers throughout Maryland and beyond along with the law firm representing same?

I urge all Harford county residents to wake up to this occurrence in our local community and to get involved about what our lawmakers are doing or have done to allow this to occur. They are supposed to be working for us or are they not? This is an election year and most of these same individuals are looking for your vote. Do we need this back door political machine in Harford County? I say no!

Tim Wick

Bel Air

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