Upset about sending county staff to conferences [Letter]


This is an Open Letter to the Harford County Executive and the Harford County School Board.

I have been a resident and taxpayer in Harford County for over 50 years. I have been watching The Aegis and lamenting the recent School Board decision to require magnet school students to meet the bus to take them to the magnet schools at their home schools. It is my understanding that bus service will not be provided to the home school, leaving these students to find their own way to the home school, which in our area could be miles away. This action does not make any sense to me! I look upon this as a political move to hurt parents and their children, who will put pressure on the County Executive for increased funding. I cannot imagine this is going to save much money, and what little it does save will be expended by other departments to ensure safety for these children who will be walking on roads before dawn.

My children attended Harford County Public Schools and received a fine education. I am not so sure about the current administration's ability to provide the same, despite the increased taxes we pay each year.

The School Board and the County Executive should find the money to provide bus transportation to students attending magnet schools. These kids are the top performers academically and as a reward they receive such discriminatory treatment.

In The Aegis of Aug. 28, I read about a conference in Florida being attended by the Director of Emergency Services. I know this is a different department, but if countywide all out-of-state conferences were eliminated and this money directed to the Education Department for the transportation of magnet schools students, we would not be having this problem. In an era of Internet information, I cannot believe that any ideas which may be discussed at these meetings is not available without attending expensive out-of-state conferences.

Elaine B. Isennock

White Hall

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